Frank Newmyer is a leading designer whose successful 50 years in the wildlife industry has led to top commissions and several magazine features over the past few decades.

An artistic passion for realism quickly moved his customized art works into private and corporate collections around the country.

“I’ve loved being able to bring clients face-to-face with what they’ve always dreamed of having for themselves. Designing allows me the freedom to adapt anything to fit someone’s personal style, and I’m thrilled to have worked with so many people having this same passion about nature.”

A selection of some amazing pieces and installations are provided on this site and we’re confident you are going to find something highly appealing within a few moments of browsing. Thank you for your interest in our exclusive works and customized services.


From Montreal to Shanghai, we've designed comfortable and livable trophy rooms for even the most discerning wildlife enthusiasts.


We have extensive experience designing interiors for restaurants, offices, and retail stores.


If you need your guests to have an unforgettable experience, Frank Newmyer Wildlife Designer will deliver.

More than a room, more than a trophy...
An Experience.



Moving water adds so much more than the visual. The quiet, mesmerizing sound of a waterfall along with the ambiance of the mood it elicits offers a tranquil peace.


Transform any space with the proper application of habitat.


Like paint on a canvas, habitat and plant life will transform a foundation of rock work to a place of greater realism and relaxation. Any interior becomes more dimensional and increasingly familiar with a lush, designed layering of organic shapes or by adding a tropical waterfall within this artificial and low-maintenance environment.

“I can listen and watch the hypnotic action of a waterfall over and over...and obviously I’m not the only one to fall under the spell."



Nothing says "outdoors" better.

"The realism of Frank's ice and snow is absolutely stunning."


Cool and versatile, Frank's ice and snow brings a sure sense of realism to any wildlife scene.



Grandeur, Character, Impact...


Another monumental aspect of Newmyer’s work involves large-scale mountain installations.  The grandeur of any mountainside can be replicated for tremendous range of character and impact.  These tremendous features demand a viewer’s attention and can be personalized to the experience and taste of the client by way of coloration, surface texture and shaping to get the utmost feeling... and keeps all of your friends talking about it long after.



Warm design for a classic feel


Bronze is a time-honored tradition that has been with us for centuries, giving concepts a monumental or lasting appeal.  Bronze has found its way into a wide range of design elements within the artist’s work.  Sculpting musculature and shaping composition and dioramas for several decades led to a natural progression of sculpting with a bronze foundry.  In 1990, Newmyer was named “Sculptor of the Year” by Golf Expo and his pieces have become very popular across the United States.

“I’m very attracted to the color bronze itself, along with its rich patina of history. Being able to set my concepts outdoors is an entirely rewarding experience all on its own; it’s an incredible event to leave your mark in the real world and have people visit it any time to take part in that same experience."



High-end appeal no matter how large the installation.


Whether you are installing a small corner display or complete room diorama, the look and feel of a mural by Frank Newmyer will take it over the top.



Make A Splash!


Water is something of a familiar territory to anyone growing up on the water. Newmyer has been designing compositions in the context of a three-dimensional cutout of an animal’s living environment, using water to describe everything from woodland streams and underwater scenery to the open ocean.

“I’ve spent most of my life on the water and after all this time, it’s still one of my favorite expressions because there isn’t any limits with what it is able to do. I think that it was probably in 1978 that I’d introduced my first splash to the water surface of a diorama.”



Simply Amazing...


We're pleased to introduce you to the latest selection of one-of-a-kind showpieces by artist Earl Martz and Frank Newmyer. As professionals of more than 60 combined years of experience, Newmyer and Martz have been evolving their background of painting and carving to combine sculpting technique with abstract shapes in found wood.

Earl states, "It occurred to me that the gentle twist of strong wood matches the subtle curves of a wild animal. Nature and animal could become one in sculpture. Over a period of 15 years now, I've found outstanding pieces of wood from Maine to Montana... even down in the bayous of Louisiana. I'm immediately attracted to very pleasing lines and only select something that has heightened visual appeal. That choice of matching any wooden shape to a certain form doesn't happen to me everyday though. Some of these pieces will actually sit for a couple of years or more before becoming something that I will use to bring out a particular animal.”
Anyone having a strong wildlife interest should preview these simply amazing pieces.  Each carving looks back into you, so striking that you will want to touch it to see if it’s real. Each original piece is a one-of-a-kind, like nature itself. Contact us to see more.



Every aspect is hand crafted to look real.


Earl Martz and Frank Newmyer collaborate in these beautiful and lifelike replicas.

They have set about producing a line of re-created animals to offer clients a one-of-a-kind piece, beginning with a replica of the now-extinct Labrador Duck in the early 1980’s, and now includes rare mammal species.

“I’ve always wanted to make replicas because it leads to a greater range of creativity, in regards to the natural world. My subject matter can expand beyond what I may personally have direct access to. My father’s own nature-oriented business geared me to see the earth as slowly shrinking in resources as our population continues to multiply. As an artist, I am reproducing what I see, so that doesn’t leave me with restrictions to what may simply be unavailable.”

Hand-crafted a feather at a time using entirely domesticated feathering, the re-created birds of prey can be owned for a lifetime, indulging anyone who desires something extra special.  You may select a custom or simple habitat to accompany your piece to give added enjoyment for years to come, encased to protect its natural beauty.