Every aspect is hand crafted to look real.


Earl Martz and Frank Newmyer collaborate in these beautiful and lifelike replicas.

They have set about producing a line of re-created animals to offer clients a one-of-a-kind piece, beginning with a replica of the now-extinct Labrador Duck in the early 1980’s, and now includes rare mammal species.

“I’ve always wanted to make replicas because it leads to a greater range of creativity, in regards to the natural world. My subject matter can expand beyond what I may personally have direct access to. My father’s own nature-oriented business geared me to see the earth as slowly shrinking in resources as our population continues to multiply. As an artist, I am reproducing what I see, so that doesn’t leave me with restrictions to what may simply be unavailable.”

Hand-crafted a feather at a time using entirely domesticated feathering, the re-created birds of prey can be owned for a lifetime, indulging anyone who desires something extra special.  You may select a custom or simple habitat to accompany your piece to give added enjoyment for years to come, encased to protect its natural beauty.